Case Study: CIT Supports School Through Chromebook Upgrade

March 6, 2024

The Arts Academy Charter Middle School (AACMS) serves approximately 350 middle school students interested in the performing and visual arts. The problem faced by AACMS was an outdated IT infrastructure that needed upgrading to support its mission of providing a supportive, challenging, and rigorous academic and artistic environment for its students.

AACMS sought help revamping its technological infrastructure and optimizing its operating information systems. They were looking for a partner to upgrade, oversee, and manage their IT infrastructure to better support their academic and artistic mission.

In 2023, Custom IT Solutions (CIT) stepped in to provide managed IT services geared toward education, including transitioning from a laptop-based system to Chromebooks for students. CIT assumed the duties previously held by on-site personnel and remained present to readily problem-solve from the initial transition phases to assisting in day-to-day issues and learning curves.

As a result of CIT’s involvement, AACMS now enjoys a more efficient and effective IT system that directly supports its academic and artistic mission. The collaboration with CIT facilitated the transition to Chromebooks, leading to benefits such as cost savings, easier device management, and improved compatibility with modern educational technologies.

AACMS expressed satisfaction with CIT’s effective, timely, school-oriented IT support, noting that CIT’s personnel were readily available to help solve the myriad of issues that occurred in the school. CIT’s commitment to staying updated on technology trends and ensuring AACMS remains adaptable and future-ready aligns with AACMS’ commitment to fostering growth and excellence.

Overall, CIT’s partnership and dedicated IT support for schools has been overwhelmingly positive, showcasing CIT’s ability to elevate operations and support transformative changes in IT infrastructure for educational institutions like AACMS.

See how CIT guided AACMS through crucial upgrades from laptops to Chromebooks while providing comprehensive managed IT services. Reach out to us and get a free consultation on managed IT services for education today!

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