Infor XA Services &

When investing in an ERP system like Infor XA, we understand the value of knowledge. We offer specialized expertise and consulting services in Infor XA, IBM i, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to guide businesses in making informed decisions and maximizing ROI.

As developers of the Infor XA Electronic Commerce (EC) module and the new Enterprise Electronic Commerce (EEC) module, which leverages the Infor Development Framework (IDF) and offers the same EDI capabilities, we have a deep understanding of its functionalities and provide comprehensive, custom support to businesses.

Enterprise Access
(EAX) Portal

EAX, running on IBM i, facilitates convenient access to enterprise data for customers, sales reps, suppliers, employees, and more. This empowers businesses to enhance their operational capabilities by providing employees and stakeholders with convenient access to relevant information and functionalities. By leveraging self-service portals, companies can improve communication, increase productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.

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Custom Development

Beyond the EAX portal, we deliver custom software development services to tailor ERP systems to meet specific business requirements. This advanced level of customization goes beyond the standard functionalities, resulting in a finely tuned ERP system that enhances operational efficiency and improves the overall bottom line.


EC to SPS Commerce Integration

EC/EEC customers can directly send and receive EDI documents to and from SPS Commerce, a leading cloud-based EDI provider for retailers. This eliminates the need to install translator software like Trusted Link/Open Text or Extol/Cleo on IBM i. As a result, you can implement EDI with new trading partners more efficiently.


UCC Label Web Service

If trading partners require GS1-128/UCC-128 labels, you can create them using our web services. Once the containerization is complete via our easy-to-use interface, a PDF with the appropriate labels and unique serial number required on the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is generated. The serial number is then integrated directly into your ASN transaction, satisfying the trading partner’s need for labeling on all shipment containers.


COM Offline Shipping (COS)

COS is a streamlined system designed to facilitate the process of container creation, packing, and shipment. It simplifies and optimizes the workflow involved in preparing goods, allowing companies to operate more smoothly and effectively. Transactions can be submitted via scanner software or other interfaces, updating the IBM i database.


Release Management

Release Management handles planning schedule EDI transactions (830) and shipping schedule EDI transactions (862) from your trading partners, primarily in the automotive industry. It automatically adjusts customer orders to match partners’ planning and scheduling information, ensuring timely shipments and synchronized workflows. These solutions optimize shipping operations and enhance efficiency in managing trading partner interactions.