Enterprise Access
(EAX) Portal

EAX is an online business-to-business platform built on IBM i, designed to provide convenient access to enterprise data for a wide range of users, including customers, sales reps, suppliers, and employees. Customers can view shipping, payment, and tracking information, while sales reps and suppliers gain access to comprehensive customer data and inventory metrics. Administrators benefit from enhanced visibility and centralized data monitoring for smooth transactions and constant supply.

EAX seamlessly connects various components of your online enterprise ecosystem, offering real-time updates and remote accessibility for constant communication, control, and a streamlined user experience.


Enhanced Security

EAX prioritizes the security of enterprise data and user access. It offers features to ensure secured access for authorized users without additional IBM i or ERP profiles. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps restrict access to intended users, and real-time monitoring allows administrators to track user activity or reference complete historical records.


Total Customization

EAX provides total customization capabilities, allowing organizations to match the portal’s look and feel with their existing website. Style templates enable adjustments to elements such as background and font colors, styles, sizes, and graphics. Various pages, including the homepage, login, and example inquiries, are customized as part of the installation to create a cohesive and tailored appearance across all web views and functionalities.


Customer Applications

Efficiently leverage essential functionality through a pre-built application suite that empowers customers with rapid access to information while enabling businesses to uphold reputation and loyalty. Customers have direct access to item descriptions, quantities, pricing, tracking, and so on. They can navigate the portal with enhanced search functionality while viewing and paying invoices efficiently.


Supplier Applications

Similar to the pre-built customer applications, we also designed modules for suppliers to view all open and historical orders, see transit vs. received items, monitor past-due items, inform customers of shipments, leverage MRP forecast data, and more. These modules empower suppliers with a comprehensive toolset accessible through a unified portal interface.


Reliable Support

Establishing your organization’s EAX portal can be achieved swiftly and seamlessly, allowing you to harness its benefits in just a day. This process includes a series of strategic steps encompassing training, implementation, and customization, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal utilization of the portal’s capabilities.