Who maintains your data?

April 18, 2016

Think your organization is following best practices when it comes to data security? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have an IT professional looking after your network or is it an employee that has other duties within your company?
  • Did you hire that person for his/her IT knowledge or for something critical to your line of business?
  • Have you lost any of your important data? Have you experienced down time that keeps your employees from doing their job?

Working in the IT field for nearly 30 years (Hard to believe it’s  been that long!),  I am astounded at the number of companies that do not follow best practices when it comes to their IT infrastructure and data. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper, 70 percent of all small businesses that experience data loss go out of business within one year. Staggering right? Yet I still hear, “We are good. Our office managers takes care of it.“

Just as we don’t normally turn to our co-workers to take care of the electricity, the water, or even the coffee for that matter, why would we put the most valuable asset, our data, in the hands of someone who is not qualified? As nice as the office manager/gamer/or electronics enthusiast is, do they have day-to-day experience with security threats and application delivery? Probably not, but our managed services engineers do. They work daily with hundreds of clients to manage their IT.

It is important to not only protect what you have, but also to build your foundation so it will grow with you. And that’s where managed services can help. Technology does not stand still. Did you ever think that having a smart phone was in your future in the 90s? Now, you can’t do without it. Who ever thought we would be able to open a tablet and review the day’s earnings while sipping an umbrella drink on vacation? With a customized managed services program, your growing data is protected as your business grows and technology evolves.

At Custom Systems we help not only large corporations but also small- and medium-size businesses realize their potential through IT, while keeping data secure. Your data is your largest asset. Don’t be the next business that loses everything due to an IT failure. You don’t have to be at risk.

Like to learn more about the benefits and features of an MSP? Please feel free to visit our Managed Services page or email me directly. Questions or comments are always welcome below.

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